Science, The Endless Frontier

A bill is reintroduced to significantly expand, fund, and speed up United States (U.S.) research to ensure continued world technological leadership. A Senate committee will take up the bill later this week. Twitter Made in the USA 2025 plan? Cocktail Party Few things focus minds and clear away partisanship in Washington like the People’s Republic … Continue reading Science, The Endless Frontier

Other Developments, Further Reading, and Coming Events (26 April 2021)

Other Developments The White House and the Department of Energy (DOE) announced “a 100-day plan to improve the cybersecurity of our nation’s electric infrastructure” “a pilot of the Administration’s broader cybersecurity initiative planned for multiple critical infrastructure sectors.” The Administration asserted:This is a coordinated effort between DOE, the electricity industry, and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure … Continue reading Other Developments, Further Reading, and Coming Events (26 April 2021)

Further Reading, Other Developments, and Coming Events (8 October)

Coming Events The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA), Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) and the Computer Emergency Response Team for the EU Institutions, Bodies and Agencies (CERT-EU) will hold the 4th annual IoT Security Conference series “to raise awareness on the security challenges facing the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem across the European Union:”Artificial … Continue reading Further Reading, Other Developments, and Coming Events (8 October)

Senate Democrats Release Privacy Principles

The ranking members of four Senate Committees have released their principles for any privacy legislation, many of which are likely to be rejected by Republicans and many industry stakeholders (e.g. no preemptions of the “California Consumer Privacy Act” (AB 375) and a private right of action for consumers). Nonetheless, Senators Maria Cantwell (D-WA), Dianne Feinstein … Continue reading Senate Democrats Release Privacy Principles