Wyden Gets DIA To Acknowledge Buying Location Data

Another agency admits to buying and using smartphone location data, using a loophole in the Fourth Amendment. Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) has again prompted a national security agency to admit it is circumventing the Fourth Amendment bar against unreasonable searches and seizures in the United States (U.S.) However, given the current state of Fourth Amendment … Continue reading Wyden Gets DIA To Acknowledge Buying Location Data

Section 230 Algorithm Bill

A pair of Democrats take a different approach on addressing the problems caused by social media platforms visa vis limiting liability protection. Two House Democrats have introduced legislation to reform 47 U.S.C. 230 (Section 230) from a different perspective than the flurry of Republican bills introduced in the last few months. Unlike those bills, the … Continue reading Section 230 Algorithm Bill

Further Reading, Other Developments, and Coming Events (27 October)

Further Reading  “The Police Can Probably Break Into Your Phone” By Jack Nicas — The New York Times. So, about “Going Dark.” Turns out nations and law enforcement officials have either oversold the barrier that default end-to-end encryption on phones creates or did not understand the access that police were already getting to many encrypted … Continue reading Further Reading, Other Developments, and Coming Events (27 October)

Dueling COVID-19 Privacy Bills Released

Democratic stakeholders answer a Republican proposal on how to regulate privacy issues raised by COVID-19 contact tracing. The proposals have little chance of enactment and are mostly about positioning.   First things first, if you would like to receive my Technology Policy Update, email me. You can find some of these Updates from 2019 and … Continue reading Dueling COVID-19 Privacy Bills Released