Weekly Digest (27 March 2022)

Photo by Bonnie Moreland The Wavelength has moved to the Ghost platform that has allowed for a price decrease. Subscribe today for a five times a week newsletter on technology policy, politics, and law in the U.S. and elsewhere. Additionally, content that precedes the Wavelength can be found on my blog. Here are the editions … Continue reading Weekly Digest (27 March 2022)

A Red State Data Privacy Bill Moves

The Wavelength is moving! This week, you’ll get the same great content, but from the Ghost platform from this email address. The move will allow for a price decrease because of reduced costs. Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash This week, a house of a legislature passed one of the strongest privacy bills to be … Continue reading A Red State Data Privacy Bill Moves

Two State Privacy Bills Advance

OK and WA could join CA and VA in enacting privacy bills, possibly adding to the motivation in Washington to enact a national privacy statute. In two state legislatures, one chamber sent a comprehensive privacy bill to the other, signaling the possibility the United States (U.S.) may soon have four state privacy laws companies will … Continue reading Two State Privacy Bills Advance

Oklahoma Committee Releases Strong Privacy Bill

Oklahoma legislators unveil a strong bill. Chances of enactment are unclear. Oklahoma has followed other states in beginning consideration of data privacy legislation in the absence of a comprehensive federal privacy statute. The “Oklahoma Computer Data Privacy Act” (HB 1602) is a strong data privacy bill, one that would put teeth into Oklahoma’s regulation of … Continue reading Oklahoma Committee Releases Strong Privacy Bill