Further Reading (December 8)

“Big Tech’s Big Defector“ – The New Yorker. Roger McNamee was one of the pioneer investors in Silicon Valley, including companies like Facebook, and now condemns many of the data privacy practices the largest technology engage in. This article surveys a number of possible remedies, including banning transfers of data to third parties, imposing a … Continue reading Further Reading (December 8)

Further Reading (23 November)

“Meet The Immigrants Who Took On Amazon” – Wired. This article traces a burgeoning movement of workers at an Amazon fulfillment center in Minneapolis-St. Paul comprised largely of Somali immigrants to win some concessions from management. The article also traces Amazon’s view on unionizing (not surprisingly, it’s not favorable) and its employment practices. Whether the … Continue reading Further Reading (23 November)

Further Reading (15 November)

“The Porch Pirate of Potrero Hill Can’t Believe It Came to This" – The Atlantic. How technology intersects with and possibly exacerbates long entrenched societal problems. A fascinating read starting with someone stealing Amazon packages in a rapidly gentrifying San Francisco neighborhood.“Why Do We Tolerate Saudi Money in Tech?” – The New York Times and … Continue reading Further Reading (15 November)

Further Reading (8 November)

“I Accidentally Uncovered a Nationwide Scam on Airbnb” – Vice. A writer discovered through experience about a scam many on the short-term rental site, Airbnb, have experienced: a last-minute cancellation leading to a much inferior property and an interminable process for lodging complaints and obtaining a refund. Airbnb seems lax about enforcing its own policies … Continue reading Further Reading (8 November)

Further Reading

“Russian operatives sacrifice followers to stay under cover on Facebook” – Reuters. Facebooks is using the tactics Russian hackers have used to spread disinformation against them. In order to sow discord, the Internet Research Agency’s (IRA) hackers need to be outrageous and memorable but doing so makes it easier for Facebook’s security team to track … Continue reading Further Reading

Further Reading

“How to report on a data breach” – Columbia Journalism Review. A veteran tech journalist who has written about a number of the recent, major data breaches (Target, MySpace, Equifax, LinkedIn, eBay, JP Morgan Chase, Yahoo, and Sony) offers tips to other journalists that can serve those interested in the policy side of these issues, … Continue reading Further Reading

Further Reading

“China Masters Political Propaganda for the Instagram Age“ – The New York Times. The regime in Beijing has learned more effective techniques to inculcate patriotism and belief in the Communist Party than their forebearers used, including prompting studios to make more appealing films about recent Chinese history, coopting popular cartoons, and developing apps. Of course, … Continue reading Further Reading