Michael Kans’ Technology Policy Update (3 April)

First things first, if you would like to receive my Technology Policy Update, email me. You can find some of these Updates from 2019 here. These are the articles from last week’s issue:

  • CARES Act Largely Bypasses Tech Funding and Issues
  • Revised CISA Essential Workers Guidance
  • U.S. and Other Governments Respond To Privacy and Data Implications of COVID-19
  • OIG Finds More Flaws in FBI FISA Process
  • White House Releases 5G Strategy
  • White House Unveils COVID-19 Technology Initiatives
  • EAC Meeting/VVSG 2.0
  • “White Hat” Hackers May Violate Terms of Service In Order To Carry Out Research, Court Rules
  • U.N. Group Releases Pre-Draft Report On International Cyber Norms
  • Continuation of National Emergency To Allow For Enhanced Cyber Sanctions

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