Michael Kans’ Technology Policy Update (27 March)

First things first, if you would like to receive my Technology Policy Update, email me. You can find some of these Updates from 2019 here. These are the articles from last week’s issue:

  • Key Senator Releases Long Awaited Privacy Bill Without Expected Co-Sponsor
  • Federal Government Spells Out How Agencies Should Accommodate COVID-19 Caused Contract Issues and How Technology Can Help During The Crisis
  • Agencies Release Guidance Documents To Help Determine Essential Operations and Transition To Telework
  • EU Authority Advises Governments and Private Sector Entities On Processing Data To Fight COVID-19
  • Agency Releases Final Draft of Major Risk Management Guidance Document
  • Members Urge President and Vice President To Set Up Privacy Limits For Data Used In COVID-19 Response
  • Audit Finds A Lack of Progress Eight Years After Previous Audit For Pentagon’s Counter Cyber Measures
  • Agencies Illustrates Examples of How Government Can Use Cybersecurity Framework
  • Final EHR Rules Released

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